Staying Healthy

Can swimming help you stay in great shape, even if you are injured and must stop working out in other ways until you have fully healed? Swimming is an exercise that involves the whole body, provides cardiovascular benefits, is low impact, and offers support as you go through the motions. No other physical fitness routine can offer all of these aspects and still provide an intense workout that is exceptional and offers great results. This makes swimming a top pick for anyone, especially those who are injured but who want to stay in shape while recovering.

man swimmingIf you are not injured then swimming may still be the best activity to help you get in shape and stay that way. If you are injured then this is one of the few exercises that will allow you to maintain muscle and strength while you heal, without worrying about getting out of shape because of your physical limitations at the current time.

When you go for a swim the water will provide terrific support for the injured area. In addition swimming is extremely low impact, so it can work well whether you have sprained muscles, injured joints, or are older and can not take the jarring that high impact exercises include. Swimming can also help you relax and relieve stress, both of which are shown to have tremendous health benefits and promote weight loss. The hormones that being under stress cause your body to produce are harmful to your health, and eliminating stress lowers the levels of these hormones in your body.

One of the swimming benefits is that this activity does not require much in the way of cost, preparation, or equipment. As long as there is a pool or body of water that is deep enough to swim in and large enough to do laps then you can get all of the benefits that this activity can offer. You do not have to install a pool at home, just find water that meets your needs and dive in.

Swimming can be a great way to stay in shape or lose weight, and this activity does not have any drawbacks or disadvantages. When you swim you boost your heart rate and blood pressure, and you will have better circulation throughout your body. Swimming also has mental health benefits because of the stress relief and the release of endorphins that physical activity and exercise produces.


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